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March for Action

Marches for Action will immediately follow Rallies for Action in select cities.

Marches for Action are multi-city, large-scale marches, like the People’s Climate March and the Women’s March, designed to:

  • increase awareness, education, and urgency around climate change
  • create a rallying moment for concerned citizens, corporations, organizations, climate leaders, and government representatives to join forces
  • grow the scale of the climate response to the necessary scope to effectively address it
  • transition our energy from dissent to action

November 4th

Rally for Action

The Rallies for Action are the high-visibility, attention-getting organizing centerpieces of the Month for Action.

The Rallies will bring everyone together, connecting us all into a network Uniting for Action, to take sustained actions and create long-term results.

March for Action

Expressing Our Dissent

Because so many of us have such strong feelings about how climate change is devastating the planet and its inhabitants on a daily basis, the Marches for Action are the high-energy release valves for all of our pent-up emotions and frustrations.

The Marches for Action allow us to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our friends, families, and neighbors, reinforcing for each other that we’re in this together, and that it’s okay to be angry and frustrated with how climate change is being managed in our society.

Not only is okay to strongly express ourselves – it is absolutely necessary.  For those that aren’t yet hearing the cries of the earth and of nature, let them hear us!

Transitioning to Action

Being acutely and painfully aware of what upsets us, and angers us, and reminds us what we don’t want provides us with the blessings of  motivation, determination, and commitment to create what we do want.

The first half of the march will be devoted to expressing what has been happening that we will no longer stand for, and the second half of the march will be devoted to rallying around and reinforcing the actions that we are all individually and collectively willing to take to proactively create the world that we do want to live in.

The only way we can ever create what we want is if we are willing to take the actions required to create what we want, and right now, massive and sustained actions are required to turn the corner on climate change.

Gather for Action

The Gatherings for Action are designed to be the bridges from the high-energy Rallies for Action to our daily lives, helping us find ways to stay connected to our commitments around climate change, incorporating climate-friendly lifestyle, purchasing, and voting choices into our lives on an ongoing basis.

Why We’re Here

Very understandably and appropriately, a lot of the energy stirred up in society lately has been negative or protest-oriented, as the United States Federal Government has:

  • withdrawn from the Paris Climate Accord
  • removed many important environmental protections
  • been defunding important science and scientific measurements
  • begun systematically dismantling the Environmental Protection Agency

Expressing Our Dissent

Each of these actions deserve a vigorous response, as the people who are making these decisions need to know that these actions are not the will of the people, and the health and welfare of the people and the planet deserve much more respect and consideration than they are being given.

The first part of the March for Action is devoted to marchers expressing their displeasure, frustration, and anger over current climate change policies and positions of certain corporations, industries, and government officials and agencies.

Why We’re Here

Right now, the most powerful consortiums and cartels on the planet are dumping pollutants and carbon into our atmosphere like an open sewer, and every day our Federal Government is making it easier and more profitable for them to do so.

In order to tip the scales back towards the will of the people, we have to do the almost unimaginable:

  1. We have to restore our representative government, where the people we elect represent our interests.
  2. We have to drastically alter our consumer behaviors that keep incentivizing some corporations to continue their environment-destroying practices.
  3. We have to build a network of people, corporations, and organizations big enough and with enough combined resources to turn the wheels of society.
  4. We have to stay engaged, taking consistent actions in alignment with our principles.

Very simply, we have to acknowledge and accept the responsibility that the future is in our own hands, and we can create it however we choose, if we’re willing to do what’s necessary – take massive, coordinated, consistent action.

Transitioning to Action

Because there are so many powerful forces, with nearly unlimited resources, creating what we don’t want, we will only continue to keep getting what we don’t want, as long as we don’t proactively create something different.

In order to make a difference on the scale that we want to, we have to organize ourselves in massive numbers.  That starts locally, with our Rallies, Marches, and Gatherings.

As we work with local and national advocacy organizations to build a nationwide network of people, businesses, and organizations Uniting for Action, we can take coordinated, collective actions that produce the results we want.

Uniting for Action

This is just the beginning!

As we’ve shared in our Strategies for Action and our Campaigns for Action, together we can coordinate and synchronize actions on bigger and bigger scales, until we are able to coordinate the actions of the largest corporations, most influential public figures, and most effective organizations, to build our influence and resources big enough to, once again, prioritize the health and welfare of the people and the planet.

If you’re one of the people that wants to see the Month for Action make a real difference for our society and for our future, then don’t hope or expect that someone else has it covered.

The only thing that makes anything happen is taking action.