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Gather for Action

Multi-city, town-hall style gatherings, designed to be the bridge between the high-profile, high-energy Month for Action, and the long-term, coordinated, consistent actions that climate change demands of us.

November 18th

Rally for Action

The Rallies for Action are the high-visibility, high-energy events designed to attract attention, organize the climate community, and inspire people to attend the Gatherings for Action.

March for Action

The first part of the Marches for Action are the high-energy release valves for all of our pent-up emotions and frustrations.

The second half of the marches are devoted to reinforcing the actions that we’re all willing to take following the March to proactively create the world we want to live in.

Gather for Action

The Gatherings for Action are designed to support us in staying connected to our commitments around climate change, incorporating climate-friendly lifestyle, purchasing, and voting choices into our lives on an ongoing basis.

Gatherings for Action provide community-level climate conversations between stakeholders in the community:

  • concerned citizens
  • businesses and corporations
  • experts and educators
  • advocacy organizations
  • government officials and candidates

Gather for Action Objectives

Provide opportunities for Action in the following three areas:


Hear from local experts and educators about how climate change is impacting lives locally, and how it is being addressed on a national, regional, and local basis.


Organizations with a local presence, such as the Sierra Club,, the Climate Reality Project, etc. sharing about how they are addressing local climate issues, providing opportunities for attendees to get involved, take specific actions, and make an impact locally and beyond.


An opportunity for local, state, and national representatives and candidates to share where they stand with regard to climate issues, and how they intend to represent their constituents regarding specific issues.

Intended Outcomes

Following the Gathering for Action, attendees:

  • know where their elected officials and candidates stand regarding climate issues
  • know which businesses are taking the lead in addressing climate change
  • know how organizations are addressing climate issues on national, regional, and local levels
  • have the knowledge and resources to support themselves in making climate-friendly choices, and taking specific actions
  • are plugged into the local network of people, businesses, and organizations committed to turning the corner on climate change

A Town Hall Example

United States Congressional House Representative Betty McCollum held a Climate Change town hall in St. Paul, Minnesota in February, 2017.

The Gatherings for Action will incorporate elements of this event, such as the presentations by Representative McCollum and climate scientists, along with questions and answers with attendees.

Moving Forward in a New Way

These Gatherings for Action are intended to lay the foundation for the Campaigns for Action to come, building a bridge between citizens, industries, and government representatives at the local, state, and national levels.

As we’ve shared in our Strategies for Action, our intention is to coordinate and synchronize actions on bigger and bigger scales, until we are able to coordinate the actions of the largest corporations, most influential public figures, and most effective organizations, to build our influence and resources big enough to, once again, prioritize the health and welfare of the people and the planet.

If you’re one of the people that wants to see the Month for Action make a real difference for our society and for our future, then don’t hope or expect that someone else has it covered.

The only thing that makes anything happen is taking action.